Project Overview

PA 18 corridor provides important connections within the community, region and state. PA 18 is a major highway that traverses the entire west side of Pennsylvania from Lake Erie to the Pennsylvania/West Virginia border. Within Washington County, the PA 18 corridor plays an important role providing mobility and accessibility for residents, businesses and visitors.

This PA 18 Improvement Project is located on the local roadway network that surrounds the I-70 Exit 17 (Jefferson Avenue) Interchange. The construction tasks involve roadway, drainage, traffic signal, ADA curb ramp, lighting, and intersection improvements to PA 18 and Wylie Avenue in the City of Washington, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

Scope of Work:
Two new traffic signals are proposed at PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue)/PA 8014 (I-70 eastbound exit/entrance ramps), and PA 4022 (Wylie Avenue)/PA 8014 (I-70 westbound entrance/exit ramps) and the replacement of the following three existing traffic signals: PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue) @ PA 4022 (Wylie Avenue, PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue) @ PA 844, and PA 4022 (Wylie Avenue) @ Allison Road. PA 18 will be reconstructed from PA 18/ Tyler Avenue intersection to the PA 18/ East Wylie Avenue intersection includes a right turn lane for the I-70 eastbound entrance ramp.  East Wylie Avenue will be reconstructed from the PA 18/East Wylie Avenue intersection to 560 feet east of the East Wylie Avenue/I-70 westbound entrance/exit ramps intersection including installing a right turn lane on the westbound off ramp.  In addition, PA 18 will be milled and resurfaced including base repair from the PA 18/ East Wylie Avenue intersection to the PA 18/PA 0844 (Henderson Avenue) intersection.

Also, expected to be included, but not limited to:
Various roadway improvements to PA 18 (Jefferson Avenue) and E. Wylie Street, new sidewalks, ADA ramp installations, upgrades to drainage, and signing and pavement markings. Physical improvements provided with the new traffic signal will include queue preemption for I-70 ramp approaches, detection on all approaches, LED signal heads, pedestrian accommodations, and spread spectrum radio system. Significant traffic analysis and implementation of signal system timings will be included as well.

Map of Project Area

Project Goals

  • Improve traffic flow and operational safety
  • Improve curb ramps (ADA complaint), crossings, and upgrade traffic signals
  • Improve access management and community connectivity
  • Improve drainage system
Wylie Avenue Intersection Photo

Proposed Improvements

  • Replace/upgrade three (3) existing traffic signals
  1. Allison Ave and E. Wylie Ave
  2. PA 18 and Wylie Ave
  3. PA 18 and PA 844
  • Install two (2) new traffic signals
  1. E. Wylie Ave and I-70 Westbound ramps
  2. PA 18 and I-70 Eastbound ramps
  • Bring intersections and crosswalks up to ADA standards
  • Improve corner turning radii
  • Full-depth reconstruction and mill/pave portions of PA 18
  • Drainage system improvements
  • Sidewalk improvements
  • Utility relocations
Storm Drainage Photo
Broken Sidewalk Photo

Traffic Signals and
Traffic Management

  • Coordinated traffic signals
  • Pedestrian signal heads & push buttons
  • Audible pedestrian signals
  • Consolidate multiple driveway access points

New Signals at I-70 Eastbound

I-70 Eastbound Plan Rendering

New Signals at I-70 Westbound

I-70 Westbound Plan Rendering